8 Surprising Roofing Facts

Every building has a roof, but very few people notice, or, in fact, even think about them. When was the last time you looked up at a passing house’s roof (unless it was a noticeable bight color
or a unique material)? Probably not recently.

Here’s a list of 8 things you may, or may not, know about roofing

  1. If it’s been over 20 years since a new roof, it’s time for a new one: While a good roof should have a long life-span, normal weather does a number on your shingles, and after
    20 years is recommended that you look into replacing your roof.
  2. An old roof or one in disrepair may give you trouble selling your home: Since a new roof in costly, it is one of the main things people consider when purchasing a new
    home. If you roof needs to be replaced that may affect you being able to make a sale.
  3. Every roof has a slope: Yup, that’s right. Even a “flat” roof has at least a little bit of a slope to it. It is required for water runoff, and to make cleaning easier.
  4. DIY is a no-no: There is so much more to laying a roof than slapping on some shingles. Also, you are never supposed to lay a new roof over a pre-existing one. Attempting to lay
    your own roof will more than likely cause you to run into trouble and be costly. Skip all that and hire a professional.
  5. You need to base your roofing decision on your location: Ever wonder why places that get a lot of snow or harsh weather have metal roofs? Because they are extremally
    durable to a lot of wear and tear. Picking out roofing materials is fun, but it is another reason why you should hire an expert and ask for their advice.
  6. The style roof you pick has to do with your demographic as well: Roofs are designed to protect a building from the elements, which is why you see different style
    roofs; Gable, primarily for the snowy areas (and houses with attics or vaulted ceilings), flat roofs for dry climates, and so forth.
  7. There are professional roof cleaning companies: That’s right, just like pretty much everything else, roofs need to be cleaned of fungus/lichen and moss, and there are
    companies out there that do just that. They have special equipment that doesn’t harm the environment or your roof, while getting everything clean.
  8. There are things that you can do to protect your roof: If you have damaged, and leaking gutters, or an overhanging branch or tree, these are things that you can take
    care in the present to prevent a more significant problem popping up down the road.

The world of roofing is vast and filled with information. A roof is also a necessary thing to building a structure or protecting it. There are experts that have a wealth of knowledge and
would love to share it with you. So, next time you see a roof, maybe have a roofing question or are simply wondering if you need a new roof, contact us at (281) 603-1677, and we’d be
happy to answer your questions!